Free Yourself From Unsightly Facial Veins in Fairbanks, Ak

The effective, comfortable way to remove facial veins with minimal recovery time. Now you can remove those small, unsightly purple and red “spider veins” that appear on your face or other parts of your body — quickly and comfortably with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

What is Radiosurgery?

RF Radiosurgery® uses a special high radiofrequency (RF) energy to provide incredibly precise results. The extremely fine, predictable punctures result in minimal or no scarring, quicker healing, and immediate improvement in your appearance. Best of all, RF Radiosurgery® can be performed in your doctor’s office.


How It Works – RF Radiosurgery® for Facial Veins

RF Radiosurgery is the passage of radiofrequency (RF) energy into the skin to eliminate facial veins. It uses a four-megahertz frequency, which is higher than the frequency for AM radios, but lower than the frequency for television and lasers. High frequency RF is used to make very fine, precise, gentle punctures. A thin micro-insulated wire is gently inserted into the unwanted vein. Only the tissue cells immediately adjacent to the wire electrode are affected.

How Does RF Radiosurgery® Differ From Other Procedures for Removing Facial Veins?

Lasers and cautery are less delicate than the high frequency of RF Radiosurgery. They can cause excessive tissue burns, which lead to slower healing with more redness and inflammation. Sclerotherapy (injection of fluids to scar down the vein) is more complicated and not necessary for small thin veins.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Do I Have To Go To The Hospital?

You should be able to undergo high frequency RF vein treatment in your doctor’s office. The procedure takes only a few minutes. Topical anesthesia is often used. You’ll only feel a slightly tingling sensation. Bleeding is minimal.

How Do I Know If RF Radiosurgery® Is Right For Me?

Most people with fine facial veins looking for improvements in appearance are potential candidates. Ask your physician today for more details on how high frequency RF can benefit you.

Do I Need An Appointment?

Since treatment only takes a few minutes, your physician may be able to examine you and perform the procedure during the same visit. For more extensive cases, a separate visit may be needed.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

It depends on the number of veins present. Occasionally, a second visit may be needed.

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